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Healing The Five Elements


healing the five elements book cover


Our thoughts are a subtle and powerful form of energy that comes from the awareness we hold of ourselves. Each one ripples out into the universal matrix of energy, changing it in some way according to its quality and conviction. In this way we each carry a responsibility for both the well-being of ourselves and our planet.

Through the integration of the five ‘elements’ of traditional Chinese medicine and Raja Yoga meditation, this book shows a new way to rebalance body, soul and planet by tuning in with the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – and the turning seasons of our lives which they also represent.

This is the key we can all possess to healing our relationship with the elements, both internally within the body and, externally in the outer world in which we all live.


To those who seek alternative ways of understanding the universe, the interconnectedness between body, mind, spirit, the natural world and the divine, and the effect these all have on the way we think, feel and act, this book acts as a fascinating guide. The author has conflated two theories of life and the universe, one Chinese, the other, Raj Yoga – Indian in origin – to create a compelling world view, one that identifies the infinity of connections between the mind and the physical body, behaviour, the natural world, the soul and, well, pretty much everything in between.

The language of Five Elements (fire, metal, wood, earth and water), health and illness might seem strange at first as might the correspondences between these and the body’s organs, and the extrapolations between, say, physical states, the emotions and nature. Earlier writers on the Five Elements urged their readers to ‘willingly suspend their disbelief’ It is advice that stands the test of time, but the results are rewarding. The highly metaphoric language and especially the meditation exercise an almost hypnotic and transformative effect.

Arnold Desser BA(Hons), CAc (China),PGCert MedEd
Scientific and Medical Advisor,
The Janki Foundation for Spirituality in Healthcare
NHS Primary Care practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine

Healing the Five Elements contains an amazing insight into self-healing and presents a very compelling picture of ourselves and the planet that nourishes us.  It takes the reader on a fascinating journey providing essential tools along the way with which to heal oneself and at the same time contribute towards the rescue of our precious planet.

At last there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Helen is showing us a positive way forward.  It really is time to take stock of ourselves and see exactly what our role is in the gradual destruction of our planet and the human race.  It is truly the book of the 21st century and I think needs to be on every syllabus of every educational establishment worldwide.

Unless every one of us acknowledges how we are contributing towards the depletion of vital resources from our planet and acts positively, there will be nothing left to hand down to our descendants.

I would highly recommend this book because it gives you the feeling of a peaceful and tranquil haven and more importantly, hope away from the frenetic world which we inhabit.

Alison Arrowsmith, strong believer in natural healing and alternative therapies.

Helen Wall is so much more than an acupuncturist and a healer. She is a THINKER. She has taken a lifetime of experience and done what so many try to do. She has ‘worked it out’ and found her “Meaning”. This book expresses that meaning in a way which all can easily comprehend.

Many seek to find a Way in this topsy turvy world, to heal both their bodies and their souls. Helen has helped us on our way with this book. 

A text book for the student of Life. A Bible of acupuncture.

Christina A Rudd, Mc Timoney Chiropractor.

A fascinating insight into the world of Chinese medicine and the importance of taking individual responsibility for our lives. Everything is interconnected and developing an awareness of this is an important step to improving our own well-being and in turn that of the world we live in.’

Mark Stone

Investment Manager – Investment Director

Helen Wall has taken the ancient principles of the 5 elements and put it in a modern framework relevant to all people concerned about health and well-being. She makes is easy for the read to understand how the eastern and western approaches to health can harmonize with the help of meditation. Her book offers practical diagrams and questionnaires and makes a very deep subject accessible to all.

Sonja Ohlsson, Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative

Healing the Five Elements is an important book that throws light on the root causes of many of the health and environmental crises of our times. The message is simple yet profound.  Using her in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine and spirituality, author Helen Wall, clearly explains the interconnectedness between different aspects of our consciousness and their impact not just on the systems in the body but also on the wider eco-systems of the planet.  With useful diagrams, questionnaires and inspiring meditations, the reader is guided on a healing journey to remove energy blockages and restore inner balance and health.  The book is also a call to action.   As we learn to reconnect with our inner natural resources, it becomes clear that we have both a responsibility and a duty to care for the larger natural systems in which we exist.   

Joanna Kitto, Doctor of Psychology, Co-ordinator for the BK Environment Initiative in the UK