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Palpitations Reduced

I was recommended to try acupuncture for palpitations and my GP told me to contact Helen Wall in Walmley as she was his acupuncturist. She has a natural caring nature and is sensitive, understanding and utmost professional in her approach.

I decided to have acupuncture once a week initially, for several months and then reduced the sessions as my palpitations reduced. I went from having 5 types of palpitations regularly to having just one kind of which the volume has reduced dramatically.

Helen is very thorough in her approach and takes time in understanding her clients and the intricacies of their concerns and goes above and beyond, to both assist you in treatment and to find the best time for both of you to meet. Since seeing Helen for acupuncture I have reduced the dosage and continue to do so, and whilst I am not palpitation free, I am in a position now where they are infrequent and bearable.

I do have episodes, but when I do I call Helen, arrange a session and that helps settle them back down. Helen works hard to accommodate you as required and each session is completely unhurried, putting you at ease from the outset. I could not recommend Helen highly enough for acupuncture treatment.

~ Marc, Birmingham

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